Live to Heal

Live to Love provides people-centric health services.  We believe that the best preventative care is to ensure the well being of the community at large.  With the help of the World Health Organization, hospitals and health professionals around the world, Live to Love has several health clinic where locals, especially women, are trained to execute services in basic health and help initiate community outreach.  This has proved to be especially effective.


The Druk White Lotus Clinic is located in Swayambhu, Kathmandu and serves the community at large and houses many of Live to Love’s medical initiatives.  The clinic provides services in allopathic medicine, burn treatment, dental care, ophthalmology, traditional medicine and houses a pharmacy.  It is also the location for many training programs and houses families of patients during times of care.

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In regions where medical care is not readily available, Live to Love provides temporary “camps” of doctors to provide basic needs to the local population.  Medical services include eye surgery, dental care, dermatology and general care.

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Since 2009, Live to Love has restored sight to over 1,500 Himalayans. The Himalayan people suffer from a high incident of cataracts – which frequently lead to complete blindness.  Live to Love performs free eye surgery restoring eyesight to hundreds who medically qualify.  We also provide post-operative care to patients, and we house their family members during surgery and recovery.

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Live to Love works with dentists around the world to provide much needed dental care and education to the Himalayan population. 

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Live to Love integrates traditional Amchi medical practice with modern medicine to provide integrated services to its Himalayan clientele.  Amchi medical practice is a tradition indigenous to the Himalayas and Central Asia.  It plays a crucial role in the emphasis of hygiene, clean water, good diet and healthy lifestyle practices.  In particular, in regions such as Ladakh, the Amchi is a well-respected position in society that advocates for the well-being of the community.

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