Cultural Preservation

Historic Ladakh and the Drukpa community makes its home along the Silk Route in the Himalayan mountains, once the world’s most important trading route. Drukpa’s believe in accepting all pathways to truth and enlightenment and was an example of interfaith co-existence. Once an empire spanning the China-India-Pakistan border, Ladakh is still an area where Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists live in integrated communities and maintain their traditions. Celebrating the diversity of this region has become critical in building sustainable peace in this region.

Heritage preservation fosters cultural diversity and international dialogue which contributes to the culture of peace. In preserving heritage, we bring people from around the world to experience the authenticity of a distant culture but also to remind us that our hopes, dreams, frustrations and challenges transcend time, space and borders. Live to Love focuses on art and culture located along the silk route which face threats from climate change and political instability.

Hemis Museum

Live to Love works to restore and preserve ancient artifacts, relics and edifices in this region. 

  • Challenges with theft
  • Challenges with climate change
  • Solution: One such example is the Hemis Museum. Hemis houses one of the most important collections of Buddhist art and Ladakhi history.
  • Gandhara and Bamiyan style Buddhist Art which synthesizes Byzantine, Roman-Greco, Scytho-Parthian and Indian elements

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